Note to future self (and others): I will make lots of mistakes

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I had one of my favorite mixergy interviews with Zaadz founder, Brian Johnson on in the background today while doing some work.  Brian is my kind of entrepreneur, a guy who has seemed to have found the amazing intersection of personal meaning and business.   There’s a ton of great stuff in this interview, things I will most likely write about down the road, but there was one thing in particular that struck me.  Brian says he’s learning to embrace the fact that he is an entrepreneur, a creator and with the lifestyle comes mistakes. Lots of them. There is no avoiding them or denying them, they will come sooner or later.  So as he’s embraced who he is, he’s also learning to embrace the falling down and the more comfortable he gets in the falling down, the less he fears it.  I want to embrace it too.

So I guess this blog post is a first step there.  As I’ve discussed before, I struggle as much if not more with the fear of what others will think of me after a mistake as the consequences of the mistake itself.  So let’s just get this out of the way now: For anyone working with me or anyone who may work with me in the near or distant future, I’m going to make mistakes.  In fact I  may make a lot mistakes, but I will get up and move on from each one a little bit smarter. I’m telling you now, so it will be even easier to tell you later. I will do my best to deal with whatever the consequences of the mistakes may be. I’ll do all I can to learn from them and move forward.

There, now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the doing…