Book Review….A whole new mind

Ok, so no complaints here about my scattered notes but here’s the deal… I take notes on most if not all of the books I read, and I usually just save them in a folder in my gmail account for further review. But I figured I’d just start posting the notes on here, regardless of how jumbled they may appear to everyone else. So without further adieu, here are my own personal notes for the Daniel Pink book, A Whole New Mind:From the Information Age to the Conceptual age.

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Questioning Fear

Fear is a really funny thing, isn’t it? From the inside looking out, it’s invisible yet paralyzing.  You don’t think about having fear when you’re afraid, you really just think about whatever you’re afraid of.  But it really doesn’t make sense, does it?  Whatever situation you’re in and fear overwhelms you, is it rational?  Of course not, so why do we give it so much priority?  If we could just for a second step outside of our bodies and look at the situation with a clean, fearless, fresh perspective would we act the same?  Definitely not. Continue reading

Careerography (part 6) Final for now…

In addition to working on Call True for the last few months, I have had a few projects pop up here and there. I was briefly working on a business plan for a mobile real estate search service, a domain real estate company, an automotive leads business, a mortgage leads arbitrage business, a face to face networking business, and a few more. I also (of course) am actively involved in a few things currently. Continue reading

Careerography (part 4)

I didn’t. True to my ways, while working on Engenius, I had a multitude of other business projects cooking. While working on Engenius, I did an incredible amount of research on the automotive industry, including how dealerships worked. I called many dealerships, looked at thousands of dealership websites, and saw just how little dealerships cared about customer service. Have you ever called a car dealership? Disaster…You call, you wait on hold, you speak to an operator and tell them what you are looking for, you wait on hold, you get an uninterested sales rep who tells you “come in to the dealership, we’ll talk.” What?! I’m a potential car buyer, but you make me work to get a hold of you like I’m trying to sell something to you. I was really interested to find a better way.

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Careerography (part 1)

Disclaimer: this is an attempt for me to understand my “career” path, and by no means represents a bio…I of course left some very important stuff and people out. I also left out a few jobs I had throughout high school, but I guess I didn’t feel as if I needed to include them. If you want to know, ask…
I love business, or perhaps I love ideas more. I’m continually amazed how a thought in someone’s head can become a massive company pleasing millions of customers, providing stability and opportunity for millions of employees, and create millions or billions of dollars in wealth for shareholders. Everything human made in our lives, everything that makes our lives easier and more exciting, started as an idea. Your car, your computer, your cell phone, your clothes, your shoes, your meals…etc, these all were at one point only thoughts in someone’s head. How much has their thought changed your life?

I have lots and lots of ideas that will change lives. Now I’m working on translating thoughts in my head into things that make a difference. People often wonder what the hell I’m doing right now, and how I got here. Well I’ll start from the top….

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The Internets…

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, and I’ll post an update on what I’ve been up to shortly, but I had to bring this up. I’m definitely in favor of net neutrality, the idea of the “pipe holders” being able to determine which traffic should be given priority is absolutely crazy. But regardless of what you think about net neutrality, although I’m pretty sure everyone other than telecoms and a few uniformed or well “lobbied” senators, believe net neutrality is in fact a good thing, you have to certainly be open to a good, educational, well thought out debate on the issue. And as our government has been setup, we have delegated people we deem the “best” to discuss and make laws on this and many other issues. Continue reading